Follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe gun handling. Remove the magazine from the pistol. Remove the ammunition from the magazine. Once the magazine is empty and the ammunition and pistol are out of the room, proceed to step 1.

  1. Place the Glock Mag Tool (GMT) on a flat surface and hold firmly. Orientate the tool so the cut out is up and facing the magazine.

  2. Grasp the magazine so the rounded side of the base plate is facing up.

  3. Angle the magazine so the square end is resting firmly on the top step of the cut out.

  4. Tilt the magazine up so the base of the magazine is resting flush against the vertical surface of the tool. The pin on the tool will depress the base plate retention pin.

  5. Push the magazine straight down until the magazine body contacts the next lower step.

  6. Reposition the magazine so the base plate is resting on the lower step.

  7. Push straight down until the magazine body contacts the table surface.

  8. Remove the magazine from the disassembly tool. Cup your opposite hand to capture the magazine spring, and continue to remove the base plate by hand.