Glock pistols are among the most reliable and robust pistols on the market today. They function properly under the harshest of conditions which is why they are used by so many law enforcement and military units around the globe. When these pistols fail, it is usually due to a dirty or damaged magazine.     

     Glock magazines are difficult to disassemble, and this is especially true with the 10 round magazine. Frequently, magazines aren*t cleaned because they are too difficult to disassemble or they are damaged during the disassembly process. In either instance, the reliability of the pistol is compromised. The Glock Mag Tool (GMT) makes it fast and easy to disassemble your glock magazine. No other tools are required and no special skills are needed. Simply place the base plate in the tool and push down to remove the base plate. The magazine can be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled in just a few minutes.     

      No more prying the base plate off with a screwdriver, and damaging the magazine insert and spring. No more trying to squeeze the magazine body with pliers and fracturing or distorting the magazine body.     

     One of the few things you can control in a gun fight is the reliability of your weapon. Can you afford not to clean your magazine?



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